Z axis doesn't works . Why?

Any idea why Z axis doesn’t works ? It’s not moving. Everything checked, tested with another app and it works fine. I checked in Lightburn settings " Enable Z axis" is green.

We could probably use some info, like what controller you’re using. Other things, like OS, LB version, how you’re trying to move the z-axis, etc. You can’t be too thorough.

I use cnc shield for arduino, grbl, latest Lightburn ver. As I mentioned I checked with another software and all X, Y Z axis works fine. In Lightburn only Z axis not working.

I noticed when I type command in console for ex Z100 I hear stepper working, but I can’t move it when I use move buttons

Ok I fixed it. It was “continuous Jog” problem. I disable it and now Z axis movements works fine.

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