Z Axis for 3018 Router

I have a 3018 router running GRBL Candle and I am trying to use Lightburn but I can not get the Z Axis to incorporate. when i start an engrave the Z axis will not drop to work piece and I dont know how to set it up. Thank you

LightBurn is a 2D tool for laser cutting and as such there is no Z axis on Lasers except manual control of the work bed.

I use Kiri:Moto to generate gcode(called toolpaths in CNC lingo) and you then need something to do zeroing of axis, jogging, etc and sending your gcode/toolpath to the CNC machine. I use CNCjs for that part. Both are free software and free to use, free to share and free to modify. There is also bCNC too. If you just want to do v-bit carving there’s another free app called F-Engrave by ScorchWorks.

Why would lasers not have a Z axis? Mine with Ruida controller has and it works fine with Lightburn too. And yes it not meant to use as router software but you could use it with a laser and drop the z axis for each layer.

NatĂĽrlich kann Lightburn die Z-achse steuern. Musst sie natĂĽrlich auch einschaltenZ-Achse

Well, I can walk towards Russia and get there eventually but it would not be an efficient way to travel.
And to someone new to travelling it might seem like walking is a good idea but really is only good for certain situations.

Anyone new to CNC should be using a tool designed for CNC unless they have a very limited and specific need. At the very least this person is going to now need to start learning gcode and how to test their system with gcode files.

why is it in the cut settings editor window?
it says Z offset and Z step per pass…
pretty sure its to keep the focus moving down to cut through thicker material

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There’s probably a hint somewhere as to why that feature was added. Surely it is not so that LightBurn can operate CNC routers or mills. There’s a lot more involved in subtractive manufacturing then raising and lowering the Z axis. And it looks like the OP has left so it’s a moot point really.

Natürlich wird die z Achse gebraucht. Auf jeden fall wenn du einen Dioden-Laser benutzt. Nicht bei einem CO2 Laser. Bei einem dioden Laser ist der Brennpunkt sehr von der Höhe abhängig. Kleine Änderungen in der Z-Achse verderben den Brennpunkt. Wenn du mit einem Dioden Laser tiefer brennen willst, muss die Z-Achse nachgeregelt werden.

ist beim CO2 nicht anders?

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