Z axis "hard limit" crash

Hey folks, Newbie here to all of this so please bear with me. I am having this semi-random issue with the power Z axis. I have tried to replicate the problem before I posted a question but it seems to catch me off guard every time. Scenario: I set up a series of small squares to cut out to figure out my specific settings, focal length, etc. when randomly, I hit start in LB and the Z will raise and limit out (I have not been sending file to the controller, just using LB). Once this happens, I have to reset the controller and start over as it will not allow me to cut at all without “crashing”. Also, after using auto-focus, I cannot move the Z up to shorten the distance and try to cut without controller reset. Like I said, this has been catching me off guard so I may have left out some of my actions but I’m fairly sure this is how it is happening. Thanks for any suggestions!

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