Z axis jog value

Not sure if this is the correct terminology or not, but this afternoon I was adjusting the bed height from my computer via the Move tab in Lightburn. I had the Distance box set to 2mm, but I noticed when I “jogged” the bed up or down with the arrows, the bed was moving only in fractions of that. (Though the head does appear to move along the Y and X correctly according to the value).

Also, the value shown for the Z position (3000 in the image) increases or decreases by the amount in the box (2mm in this image), but the value for the Z height must NOT actually be in mm.

So, will someone please educate me as to what is going on?

Ruidia controller. 80W Chinese CO2 machine. Latest version of Lightburn.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Possibly the settings for your z stepper aren’t correct. LB is issuing the command to move 2mm, but the steps/mm setting isn’t correct, so it moves the number of steps that would be right for 2mm, but because the ratio is off, it doesn’t move the correct amount.

Thank you Bo.

So the solution would be to get into the machine settings and change the stepper values for the Z axis, right?


I raised the bed until it contacted the nozzle (with a ply plate in between).

I then measured a wood block and entered the value (119.90mm) into the Distance box. I clicked the down arrow to jog the bed down that distance. With some more wood, plastic and cardstock shims I measured the distance the bed actually traveled. I entered these figures into the Calibrate Axis boxes for the Z in the Machine Settings.

I wrote the settings to the machine and voila! Actually, I had to recalibrate once more to get it perfect.

I also had to decrease the Max speed for the Z also in the Machine Settings, else, the bed skyrockets upward with the newly-calibrated distance.

The result is, now, when I enter a value (such as 2mm) into the Distance box, the bed actually moves that distance.


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I suspected that was the problem.

Good that you got it sorted so easily.

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