Z axis lifter with LM3 20W

Hello everyone.

I’ve did a little digging and someone on this forum has posted it before.

I upgraded from the 10W laser to the 20W laser for the Ortur Laser Master 3.

The stop limit screws don’t prevent the module from hitting the frame. The issue is the 20W module is bigger than the 10W which causes it to stick out.

This has shortened my working area which I’m cool with.

How can I set the laser to stop before it hits the frame.

I also ordered the King Gubby lifter which comes with new bump stops but it hasn’t came in yet.

Hit the frame at home position corner or other position?

Hello. Yes it hits the frame while coming. I built an enclosure and I have the King Gubby Brick feet. I am trying to use a router to route out the wood in order for my honeycomb bed to sit into the hole I cut out. So far it cut my size to 400mm x 828mm. I found this out when I tried to score the entire wasteboard and it was hitting the frame.

It doesn’t reach the limits.

Now I’m trying to figure out to how adjust where it stops on the honing function.

Your laser switch is magnetic or do a click when touched?
If it do a click read along:
If you can´t get a ready made solution, you have to grab a plate with a slot like the following one or a straight one and bend one edge.

Tight the plate with the screw, test the distance and when correct do a mark at the edge by putting some mask tape on your laser frame.
After that remove the plate put some double sided tape under it put it in place and give ( in switch direction )more 4mm or 5mm off the mask tape tighten the screw.

EDIT: forgot to mention you also have to update your new reduced work bed dimensions on X and Y axes, both Lightburn device settings and LM3 controller GRBL settings.

I’m sorry, your English is confusing a little bit.

If I add spacers, rubber spacers. Is there a way to shorten the honing distance? I’ve changed the workspace in the settings already

No problem.
You would want to adjust the homing switch position but seems you can´t so you move the point that triggers the switch.
One of your homing switches ( Y limit switch ) is inside the red area
You may confirm that this is the limit switch location.( if that´s what you have showed )
That is away from the screw that touches the switch.
You have to do this because your switch is enclosed.

(Designed and edited with Lightburn)
It´s a way to “extend” the screw so that it touches the switch when the laser get to the position you want.

Forget everything.
I misunderstood your image.
Upon checking Ortur pages

Tmc 2209 “senses” the home position. Ortur firmware as several plugins.
Lets call the eyes of @gilaraujo and see if you are in luck…
Thinking better I believe the plate solution is your solution, because TMC 2209 senses when motor stops, ( and this almost sure isn´t configurable ) you have to make the axis stop in your secure New home position.

Correct the TMC 2209 need a amp spike to detect the hom location. So needs to be a hard stop, literally.

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Would the King Gubby rubber spacers take care of this? @gilaraujo

I am not familiar I am afraid, but Anything redid, which you could even cut yourself should work.

OLM-3限位块.DXF (23.9 KB)
This file is what we used to send customers