Z Axis Moves Not Working On Ruida Laser With Autofocus and Z Stepper Motor

I have a Ruida 60W machine, and I’m trying to use Z-axis (aka bed up/down, U-axis, or pen up/down) moves during an engraving/cut job.

I’ve enabled Z-axis in the machine settings menu, and configured various cuts to utilize Z offset and Z steps per pass, but the bed does not move.

When controlling the machine directly through LightBurn, all of the travel axis moves work except for the Z axis buttons which do nothing. The Focus Z button does work though, which makes me think it should be possible for LightBurn to control the Z axis.

The laser is currently connected to my home network via an ethernet cable to the router.

Machine info:

  • 60W
  • Ruida controller
  • Controller number: KT332N (EC)
  • DSP number:23.01.06
  • Autofocus
  • 700 x 500mm area

Any help in getting the Z axis control working would be greatly appreciated

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