Z-Axis problems with RDC6332M with LFS-PM-T43 (capacitive Z-sensor)

Hi there!

I’m new to the laser world. I’m having problems with my Z control. When cutting metal I can adjust the height for piercing and cutting, so far it’s ok!

But when cutting and engraving nonmetals I need to uncheck the Z-movement in Lightburn (otherwise it wont’t even start). And I dont know how I can use different focus heights for engraving/cutting.

Now I first run the engrave layer (out of focus), then manually change the height and run the cut layer.

When I ask te manufactorer I get the answer that the Z is only working with metals (capacitve sensor)

After some investigation I found out that there is also an optical height control.
Which is using the Panasonic Laser Sensor HG-C1200
used in this set: Cloudray Auto Live Focus Sensor System LFS-ANM-T43 Hybird Laser Head Driver for Nonmetal Plywood Wood CO2 Cutting Machine - AliExpress Tools

Currently I have this system installed: Cloudray LFS-ANM-T43(Non-Metal)/ LFS-PM-T43(Metal) Ruida Live Focus Sy – Cloudray Laser

-Can I use the Z-movement on wood after calibration on metal?
-Can I switch or use the optical sensor on my current controller (I have CN2 analog input free)?
-Should I install a cheap Z limit switch (for sensing the material)?

Non metal Autofocus Usermanual: https://www.ruidacontroller.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/LFS-ANM-T43-V2-operation-manual.pdf

Metal Autofocus Usermanual: https://www.ruidacontroller.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/LFS-AM-T43-operating-manual-V3.0.pdf

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