Z-AXIS setting for layer

I’m trying Lightburn right now and I do not understand how the Z-axis controll works here.

I use Z-axis controll in RDWorks daily - in this way:

Layer 1: cutting some lines at “0” z-axis value
Layer 2: do some engraving with de-focused laser at “+6mm” z-axis value
Layer 3: cut the outlines and finish work at “0” z-axis value

I activated z-axis control for all machines.
I added a Z-axis value “6mm” to layer 2

After Start:
The machines works on layer 1
The machines moves to wanted Z-value, but directly moves back
The machine works on layer 2
The machine works on layer 3

So, what is the correct seeting that my whole layer 2 will proceed on z-value “6mm” ?

Thank you!

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