Z axis situations

Hello to every all,
sorry for my bad english.

I am new here, i’am happy to joining the family of Lightburn.
I love this program so much.
I built a laser engraver by myself and it running with arduino uno GRBL.

My issue is I have problem with my axis Z. I can move up and down the z axis, i can setup thickness and everything is working except 2 things. Maybe i’am wrong in what I am doing.

After each burn, my laser X, Y, Z axis return to the zero position.
The probleme is when I move the axis Z to focus my laser and I apply the option “set the origin”, when I hit start button, the axis return to is nominal position when I connect my laser. It’s like if the “set origin” button not working with these axis.
I have to focus the laser by moving the Z axis , save, close the file and re-open it and start burning.

The other problem is, if I stop the burning process anywhere in the sequence and I hit the “Go to origine” button, the X and Y axis return at is place but not the Z axis. It stay at the level I stop the burning.

If I do something wrong, it is possible to tell me what I need to do to correct it? please.

Thank you very much for your help


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