Z Axis specific DISTANCE setting in Move Tab would be handy - or does it already exist?


The Distance parameter on the Move screen is a bit scary as it seems to apply to all three axis. I have a 1200mmx1200mm X and Y, but only 30mm on Z before it slams into the table. I’d rather not turn on virtual limits, so is there a way to set a Z Axis distance to something separate? I have on several occasions almost accidentally clicked the Z Axis move down having just moved the X or Y 1000mm … It’s only a matter of time before I slam it into the table. :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the suggestion, we have considered and will look at that again shortly.

For the future, it is always best to submit these ideas to our Suggestion Site. Allows others to vote, and helps us track and prioritize requests. :slight_smile:

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