Z axis stepper motor erratic movements

Ikier K1 Ultra has been running great since 9-01-2023 with Z homing when in use. Also during cutting with the drop down feature on each pass. Now 10-30-23 the Z axis will not home, and the stepper motor vibrates and if you turn the knob on top, it may go 1 inch or less and stops and vibrates and jumps around. I contacted Ikier support and followed their instructions to a “T” to remove the Z bracket and check all pins and connections and reinstall using their method to no avail. Z will still not home. I manually adjusted the Z axis to the focal point and did a few engravings with no problem. Anyone have any suggestions or had this problem?

That sounds like either a wiring issue or a loose stepper to shaft connector - I’d inspect the mechanical connection to the Z motor as well.

All wiring connection good, all pins straight, Limit switches tested good. mechanical parts taken apart and reassembled to specs. I myself think it may be the stepper motor? Machine is only 2 months old. Thank you for your suggestions.

Does it always hitch in the same spot?

I don’t know how a faulty motor would behave, but I would it expect it to be related to rotor position (very small motion at the axis due to lead screw), temperature (always faults when hot, for instance), or be completely random.

If it tends to hitch in the same spot, I’d suggest removing the motor and then slide the car up and down by hand carefully observing for any variation in resistance or grittiness.

During your R&R did you remove the rods and clean them and the bearing IDs? How about the screw and nut?

Did you sparingly oil the rods and lead screw?

Does the laser head clear the motor? You should be able to slide a piece of paper (or more) between the dovetail on the head and the label on the motor at all points within travel limits.

You ever figure this out? I have an Atezr that has an identical z axis with the same issue. It does seem to be a bad stepper; it’s very weak, changes direction if it meets any resistance and tries to home in random directions. I’m not sure how much luck i’ll have with the manufacturer unfortunately (mine is ~2 weeks old)

In my case, I pried out on the stepper motor connector while it was running the homing sequence, the motor got quiet and completed the sequence.

I took the stepper motor apart and checked for continuity from where the connector pins attach to their individual armature wires. One of the traces on that little connector board was bad. It’s just a little board with internal traces to get power from the pins to the armature wires, nothing else on it.

I bypassed all the traces with solder and everything works well again. I’ll probably remove the solder and use short wires tomorrow.

Tremendous find! Many thanks for reporting it.

Yet another issue to keep in mind with these…ahem…unique machines.

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Atezr wont sell me a motor (they don’t have one), so something to be wary of for sure; hopefully ikier will.

They shouldn’t. They should GIVE you one. You’re under warranty unless they pull the same crap Monport and others do and exclude all sales other than factory-direct…and you bought from Amazon or something.

Regardless, I’d say it requires a series of very assertive emails demanding reparation. They effed up and they should fix it. No motors on hand? OK. Send a complete X axis. No axes on hand? OK. Send a new machine.

Although, I’m realistic enough to know how that argument will end.