Z controlsbe used to move a Fiber Laser motorized Z?

I have a JPT 60W Mopa Fiber Laser, that has a motorized Z for the tower.
The source enclosure has a switch on it to move it up and down.
Can I somehow use Lightburns Z controls in the laser controls section to control the Z motor?

I dont need or want it making any adjustments for material thickness, etc.
I just want to use it to raise and lower the head on the tower when I need to change focus distance.

In order for LightBurn to control the Z-Axis, the Z-Axis would have to be controlled by the controller that communicates with LightBurn.

The Mopa on Joe’s workbench has a powered Z-Axis but the control is a simple driver and a switch that is divorced from the controller.

Yours could be different, but we haven’t seen it yet.

Yeah I am pretty sure mine is completely divorced from the controller board also.
I just didn’t know if the controller board maybe had spare IO on it that light burn was capable of operating. And I could move the z control stuff over to that.

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