Z enabled issues on upgrade from 0.9.09 to 0.9.10 - bed crashes be aware

Hi all,
I’ve reported to the Lightburn support team an issue the new version. This is for Ruida controller.
If you are using 0.9.9 and have Z enabled but not “relative Z moves only” änd material height is “0”, the bed will move up crashing on everything above. I found out on the hard way after upgrading it and changing jobs. One job completed on 0.9.9, I’ve updated to 0.9.10 and then was testing focus to change job. I test the focus with manual height changes, not the automatic option from Lightburn.
Anyway, as soon as I hit start, the engrave part happened fine with Z height change, but on the cut which was meant to go down -4 and the bed gone up instead without stop. It smashed on the head/nozzle, pushing the nozzles(150w and 80w) all the way in. I was quick to turn the machine off as STOP button does nothing as this case, it just doesn’t stop.
I was lucky as it seems not damaged has been caused to the bed, nozzle/head, Y axis, only the material got damaged, which was a scrap piece anyway.
Just as note, the material height was set to 0 as I don’t use it for automatic focus as I have more issues with focus then anything else when adding extra variable. To keep it simple, I always do manual focus and I don’t use the material height value.

The only way I could fix this issue was enabling “relative Z moves only” on 0.9.10.
So, be aware when upgrading…

The handling of Z moves has only changed when the relative Z flag is set. The behavior should be identical to what it was before if the relative flag isn’t set. Are you saying this isn’t the case?

You said that you didn’t set a material height value, but if you’re using absolute Z moves, you have to set a material height, because all Z moves are done from that height. If you have ‘Relative Z moves only’ set, it means you’re manually setting the height and all Z moves will be done relative to that.

Yes, I don’t set the material height and relative Z was disabled on 0.9.9, but it would move correctly -4 down or 4 up, etc… I had no issues.
As soon as I updated to 0.9.10 it goes up and keeps going up if relative Z is not enabled when material height is 0. I haven’t tried entering the material height as I don’t want to have more crashes :slight_smile: and with Z enabled on 0.9.10 is working so far and material height is still 0… So, I’ll leave it as is.

That’s very strange. With auto focus, it would work the way you say, but if you hadn’t focused the Z, even the previous version would crash the head with a zero material height. This is actually why I’ve been trying to find the relative Z moves, as it’s the safest way to use the Z.

Anyway, I’m happy it’s working for you and that you didn’t permanently damage anything. Apologies for the scare.

I was just thinking about it, I may had the relative Z enabled in 0.9.9. Can the install of the new version wipe it out(reset to off)?
It’s either it was working before with it disabled or the new version is resetting it.

Settings persist across new versions, so that shouldn’t be it.

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