Z-Offset after cut

Something weird is happening.
When cutting paper, it is difficult to autofocus, as the pin tends to push through the paper.

It is much more easy to use e.g 3mm plywood to set autofocus to. And then in the layer, add a Z-Offset of e.g 2.4mm. This used to work quite well, but since today, the Z-offset is taking place AFTER the cut instead of before, when I enter positive Z-offset values. When I negative Z-Offset values, it is done correctly (before the cut). Any Ideas what is happening? Seems like a bug to me…

No reset/shutdown/…seems to work to make the Z-Offset work correctly again.


No one? This is really a problem :confused:

Can you provide the following:

  1. full screenshot of LightBurn with the design loaded and ready to run
  2. screenshot of Cut setting
  3. screenshot of Edit->Device Settings

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