Z Offset for Scoring Lines

Hi I’m making chess sets by laser engraving on wood veneers. I have a few FILL layers first, then I score the lines by a LINE layer and a final LINE layer to cut the square veneer. Looks something like this:

I achieve that one thick line effect by scoring 3 lines (0.2mm between them). But after sanding and putting a finish on, especially on darker wood like walnut, the lines are not as clear as I want. I tried to do 5 lines (0.2mm between) but job time increases. Now it looks something like this:

I tried to run the FILL layers first, then lower the bed manually a few mm, run the 3 line scoring, then move the bed to the original height manually and run the last LINE layer for cutting. Seems the lines got darker because of the defocusing.

I’m using a Sunlight Laser machine with a Ruida controller at a local makerspace. I didn’t want to mess up their configs or machine so wanted to ask here first. If I change the scoring line layer Z offset a 5mm out, and I can focus the head manually before the job, then will the machine do the fill at manual focused height, table moves 5mm down, does the scoring with thicker lines, then moves back 5mm up automatically and does the last cut line layer. Is that possible with this machine and controller? Do I have to just Enable Z axis in Settings and the layer Z offset to 5mm out and I’ll be good?

Also if you have any recommendations for making the lines thicker and darker (without burning through the wood veneer) please let me know! Thanks!

The current release of LightBurn requires you to be connected to the machine to use relative Z moves, because it reads the Z height before starting the job, and makes all moves relative to that height. If you have Z and Relative Z Moves enabled in the device settings it will work the way you described.

The next release of LightBurn has true support for relative Z moves - I was able to get a proper relative Z move instruction from Ruida, so it no longer needs to read the machine height when the job is started, which means you can save an RD file to a USB drive and just run it, for example. (not sure if you are connected to the machine or not to run the job, which is why I ask).

If you’re doing this in a shared environment, be sure to turn off the ‘Enable Z’ when you’re done or the next user might have a bad time.

the update for Z is planned soon? thank you

Is this what you are asking @tintin62?

hello I ask when the version with modified Z will be available thank you

Sorry, best I can say is Soon-ish. :slight_smile: LightBurn does not provide a date certain for any release as things come up and we will not release until we have very high confidence in that candidate. I can share, we are in the later stages of internal testing of the next release. So, soon-ish.

ok merci :two_hearts:

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