Z Offset in 0.9.13

I seem to have an issue with Z offset in 0.9.13. With Z Control in Device Control activated and the Z Offset set in Set Cuttings Editor, everything should work as it did in previous versions of Lighburn.

However when I run the file, the laser moves to the start position of where the Z should move down and then it just freezes, no amount of button pressing will get the machine out of this and I have to turn the machine off and back on again. This is on a Aeon Nova 10.

I just noticed the same thing on 0.9.12. I have a Ruida controller (Boss LS 1420). Thankfully I can stop the job and after a few seconds the machine returns to the origin.

Do you auto-focus this machine? If you do, and you have the Z offset set to go below the Z-zero point, the machine won’t allow it - it’s a limit trigger. The old version would clamp the numbers internally, so it wouldn’t fault, but it also wouldn’t do the offset.

I do not use auto focus.

I did notice that my Z position in Lightburn said 3000, which was clearly wrong. Somehow this got way off. After doing an autofocus to reset the Z height in Lightburn, it now works as expected.

3000 is the default Z value for Ruida when it’s powered up, prior to homing the axis.

That’s interesting about the Z height default. Before today, I almost never looked at it. My Z height value doesn’t change away from 3000 unless I manually move the Z or try to autofocus. If the autofocus works (mine is iffy) then it goes to the correct value of 21.4. But moving it manually just changes it relative to the 3000 number.

After playing around with it more, I’m almost back to having this issue. Not sure what changed. Now the Z offset works, but it moves really slowly and my Z belt makes a creaking sound. Moving the Z manually works just fine, and no sound. I guess moving it that slowly causes this sound.

I tried playing around with the Z axis speed settings. Max speed was set to 10.000. I reduced this to 0.1 and when manually moving at that speed, it seemed to be about the same as when running a job. It is slow enough that I wouldn’t notice it moving unless I looked at my belt and heard the creaking.

I don’t know exactly what I did, but I’m now having this issue with only 1 of my 2 identical machines.

I played around with the Z axis settings more, but even after loading the machine settings from one to another. Machine 2 is really slow on the Z offset and Machine 1 is normal again.

I have no idea what’s going on or if I’m missing something obvious.

What is the speed set to on the panel? I changed the Z speed to just use the default speed, because setting the Z speed was messing up the feeder axis speed.

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