Z Offset + or -

When the Z Offset and Z step per pass options are used, does a positive value move the laser inward (deeper) or is a negative Z value required?

Seems people do not often use Z-axis here… Waiting for an asnwer on my question too :wink:
Z-AXIS moves laser up with positiv value. So +“6” will increase the distance berween laser head and material… “-6” will decrease it. I think lightburn works like RDWorks here - you can choose a “-” value but you will not be able to go lower then real “0” of focused laser head.
To work with “Z” - it is important to “0” the the head before start working … when you do this by focusing - the measured value wiull be your minimum distance… the software should not let go the laser head closer than this point…

Hi are you moving Z at the laser head or at the table. My Z is my table. My machine the way i designed it will home X, Y and Z at startup. My positive Z or Z+ lowers the table to my set height but I have it setup so i can’t go negative past zero. I run Co2 and Diode this way. Both lasers i have focused at the same height.

I have not play with these options but assume if i did they would be a positive number but nothing less than zero.

OMG - Why do people try to dig into a logical system. I have seen a youtube video which is confusing other people the same way.
The controller and it’s settings does the logical work. So you do not have to think about - moving the laser head or the table.
If you like to raise the head - the controller is set to the capabilities of the system… If your table has a motor - the table will go down… Has your laser head a motor - the laser head will go up…
If you like to lower the head … it goes the other way… :wink:

For you is just important - increase (+) means “more” distance. And it is absolutely not important for you - if the table moves or the head…!

IF - your system is setup correctly … ;-)))

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