ZAC Laser Cutter-Engraver

I see a ZAC 50W CO2 Laser Engraver and Cutter 400X600mm Electric Lift Workbench Ruida Control Panel for with Detachable Wheels on Amazon. Has anyone heard of this brand of laser, and if so, What do you know about?


Here is a link to the one I saw on

Don’t know how much you would use the ability of a ‘pass through’ for materials larger than the bed. I use mine quite frequently. I found the need for this before I purchased the ‘China Blue’.

No pass through, no deal… what’s it worth to you…?

Sure looks cool…


Yes, a pass through would indeed be useful. Do you require special software to use the pass through? What brand are you referring to when you say your "China Blue? After reading your post I am considering the 80W OMTech which has a 4-way pass through.
I don’t know how good they are though.

The ‘models’ of these lasers are based on the Chinese Governments design. Whomever builds it, can pick and choose what parts are in it and anything else they wish to ‘modify’

Generally the K40’s then the 50 watt (China Blue) I think it goes to black and red for 80 watts… just how they painted them…

Mine is a 50 watt OMTech. The tube is 880mm, so it is actually about 44 watts and that’s what it measures.

I’ve been advised that some of these ‘identical’ machines have parts that are different by 10mm so they vary.

There is no requirement that the manufacturer use ‘good’ components. If a tube or laser power supply fails it’s testing, it is not ‘discarded’, it’s sold to a manufacture who can undercut a good manufacturers price because the use ‘cheap’ parts.

As a new user, you might not even know the difference… It takes experience to ‘snap’ to this kind of misrepresentation.

That is one reason people buy from places like OMTech. I purchased mine from them. They have service, but most will tell you technical service here is better. They can replace defective parts and is generally a benefit to go through a ‘known’ company.

My 44 watt tube has a 60 watt power supply, an extra expense. The Ruida controller is a 6442G on the machine.

Mine’s had a couple of mods.

No, but it takes some thinking about how you are going to process the different parts.

Lightburn with the camera makes it easy to do an alignment to each part part of the design. But I’ve done it with jigs to hold parts.

Good luck…


@ jkwilborn
Thank you so much for your very informative reply. If I could ask just one more question,…

How do you find cutting with a 50W laser and what thickness are you able to cut? I would like to be able to cut 1/4 inch plywood. (hopefully in one pass).

Thanks again.

1/4" is 6.35mm. I probably haven’t cut that, since it’s not in my library. I was surprised I found some plywood at Lowes that was 5mm. I’ve been using that.

My library shows I cut 5mm plywood 12mm/s @ 65% power. I’m guessing that’s about 12 to14ma. I’m sure it will cut 1/4" which is only 1.35 mm thicker. I have lower speeds available and more power. My 50 watt ‘China Blue’ has an 880mm tube and measures 44 watts.

You need to be selective on the laser, based on what you want it to do. Most HV excited co2 lasers will only start to lase at around 10%. Most of the engraving I do is very low power in the 10 to 15% range. At 10% I get about 4.4 watts of power. If I had a 100 watt tube, 10% would be 10 watts, so it would do too much damage for fine engraving. I couldn’t get it down to 4.5 watts.

What is missing is the lower power ranges.

If you’re cutting, depending on what, usually a longer lens for thicker material and more power is used…

Does that make sense?


You have been extremely helpful for this beginner and it is very much appreciated. I went to the OMTech website and was considering the 60W Blue laser. Their site says “Free delivery” but I am waiting on a response from them to find out if that “Free delivery” includes Ontario Canada. I saw that they are located in California. I have to consider the cost of everything before purchasing, like currency exchange rate, import fees, and customs brokerage fees. The exchange rate alone adds another $961.87 Canadian.

Thanks again for your help.

They all come from the same place… It’s worth asking about.

I’ve read some threads about them being shipped to Canada, but haven’t looked for them.

Sometimes you can do a good site search with google (or other engines) with the ‘’ and it will return what it found on that site…

The 60 is probably a good choice…

When my tube goes south, I might look at a real 50 or even the 60. I do a lot of slate and it damages very easily so I need a low power option.

That’s what so attractive about an RF excited laser…

Good luck


They do ship to Canada because they have a Canadian website however it does not say that shipping to Canada if free like it does on the U.S. website. It would be nice if they had a Canadian distributor to go along with the Canadian website. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Windsor is a 5 hour drive from Toronto. I wouldn’t be able to walk across the border to pick it up either because it is far too heavy. I have a friend who lives in Lewiston NY which is a lot closer to Toronto, (about 2 1/2 hours) so I might be able to have it shipped to his place and drive over to get it. Not sure how much trouble I would have to go through to get it across the border though.

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