Zoom possible and file placement

Can the image be zoomed in? And how can you use the camera to accurately place the engraving on your material? Does it show an overlay of your file on the material (ala Glowforge)?

The camera doesn’t have a zoom lens but the software can be zoomed in and out. Good lighting is the key to a decent picture.

You can use the camera for placement your piece, updating the camera overlay, then importing the vectors or rasters you want to engrave. Or you can use lightburn tool to draw your own designs. Then position and scale them on top of the piece you want lasered.

Thanks very much. As much as I like Lightburn, the documentation sucks. Given that they sell the camera - and it’s not simply a user hack - they really should document all its features.

The documentation page called “Using a camera” describes the features right at the top: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/Using_a_Camera.md

  • Monitoring your laser
  • Positioning designs on material
  • Tracing artwork directly from the bed of the laser

I thought that was fairly clear, but if it’s not, I’m open to suggestions for how to re-word that to make it clearer.

We also have a demo on YouTube that demonstrates the camera feature quite well:

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