0.9.13 update erased machine settings in "devices". No "Ruida" option to manually reconnect machine

Windows 10 64bit

I recently upgraded to 0.9.13 from 0.9.11. I missed the 0.9.12 update.

After the update my Ruida based laser is no longer appearing under devices. There is also no longer a Ruida option during the manual connection wizard. I tried searching my computer for a .lbdev file but there is none.

If I revert to 0.9.11 the Ruida option is there but my machine settings are gone. I’ll need help getting back connected via ethernet. Is there an article that explains the process well. Where to find the appropriate IP addresses, etc. A step by step? Thanks.


Sorry - I really wish I knew why this occasionally happens, however there should be backups of your system setup now - Go to File > Open prefs folder, then look in the ‘backup’ folder. Every time the prefs are saved, that gets cycled, so hopefully you have a usable one in there.

If not, follow here: Connecting a Ruida controller via Ethernet

Thanks for the speedy reply Oz. I see two .ini files from yesterday when I first installed the update. What’s the correct way to try these backups? Do I need to put them in a particular folder?


The prefs folder itself will have a prefs.ini file. Copy over that with one of the backups - you’ll have to copy it out of the backup folder, delete prefs.ini, rename the backup to prefs.ini. You also might copy them out first to another temp location, just to make sure you know which ones you started with.

I see thanks. Unfortunately it didn’t show up after trying both. Do I need to roll back to 0.9.11 to manually connect to Ruida again, or is there a way to get that option back into 0.9.13? It’s currently missing.

What? Devices > Create Manually (in the middle). You’re saying you don’t have that option??

That option is there, but Ruida is not present in the list.

Options listed are:


Those are all gcode devices. Do you have another license? I only see your DSP license here, but what you’re showing is what happens when the system thinks you only have a gcode key.

No, just the DSP license that I’m aware of.

The license page says that it’s a valid license with 79 days left.

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