0.9.21 test issues

No to me - but I made only minimal engravings.

Not to others - but noone else is using Linux, so it may be a Linux specific bug.

EDIT: stopped again, now on vector line. Nothing special on display just a freeze.

EDIT2: installing LightBurn 9.20 and opening file with renamed extension lost some elements - seems that difference is in the same or very similar place as laser freeze (plenty other things also disappeared so it may be a pure coincidence).

podstawki.lbrn2 (3.1 MB)

What disappeared? 2 shapes on the bottom right

This shows where laser stopped.

You can’t load files from the new LightBurn on older versions because of the shape sharing system. Those pieces are now being referenced, not duplicated. We’ll have to add a switch to allow disabling that when saving in the old format, perhaps.

You wrote “this shows where the laser stopped” and included a picture of an engraving with no additional context, so I have no idea what I’m looking at.

podstawki.lbrn2 has file where shape shown in closeup is closed. Laser become frozen before completing the shape.


Not sure is it potentially helpful to debug what is going wrong (or maybe laser controller is leaking memory due to something or other bizarre reason for freeze is happening and nothing special is happening at that specific location)

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