Volunteer testers for upcoming 0.9.21 release?

I will give it a go, Windows 64

For info, I am not experiencing this. All the adjustments are processed immediately, using Win 10, 64 bit.

Love to try the version. I connect over Ethernet and often have multiple copies of LB open. I’m often stress testing software at work and I’m good at finding hidden bugs.

Win10 64bit

Ruida controller. Raster burn sometimes stops with laser not moving.

start/pause button jerks laser that immediately stops again

As workaround I set 180 degree as scan angle to engrave in reverse direction and stopped laser manually once it reached already done part (in both cases it stopped nearly at the end)

ATMSolutions C02 PRO35 MINI laser

For now I am unable to provide more info, let me know how can I try to do it. For now I even failed to write down message on laser screen, will try to do it next time.

Did this happen with the previous version?

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I am not having any problems either. Using Windows 7 all adjustments are near instant. All the new features that I have figured out how to use have been working for me.

I still want to do some testing with the measure tool as when I went back and measured some old projects, the measurements were not exactly what I expected, but perhaps I drew them wrong and just didn’t have the tools to check them accurately at the time.

I can test and I use the following on a daily basis:

Laser with TopWisdom Contoller
3 computers with the following OS installed:
Windows 10
WIndows 7

Happened again. Added some extra detail in Volunteer testers for upcoming 0.9.21 release? - #155 by laser

I make about 15-30 image ditherings a day and would love to test the new features. Not only will testing help you get feedback but also will help me keep up with orders :slight_smile:

I really like your software. I would like to try the new release 0.9.21 windows 64 bit, thanks.

I need windows 64. And Mac. I have three computer

Please add me win 7 64 dual lasers

Windows 64. 2 computer. Mac OS. I have a Rudia controller

MacOS and the DSP version.

I would like to help in general. Not sure which controller the laser(s) at my makerspace operate under. We have three: Boss LS2440, Helix 45W, and another that is called the Red Laser 100W (brand name unknown to me). I am toying with the idea of getting one of the smaller lasers for at home use e.g. Totem S.
I use Lightburn on a Mac.

I am willing to test it. Windows 10, 64.

Happy to try it on Linux Mint 20 - Ruida via LAN.

Hi, if you need more Mac users. I’m also running macOS beta versions.

Laser is on Marlin but planning to switch to grbl soon.

Hi Oz,
I’d like to volunteer,
I’m running windows 10 64 and an ortur laser master 2.
Hope I can help.