Volunteer testers for upcoming 0.9.21 release?

We’ve changed a lot of ‘under the hood’ stuff in the upcoming release of LightBurn, and things are stable at this point, but I’d like to get a bunch more people to test it and report any issues.

If you’re willing to give it a go, please respond to this thread and state which version you need (Windows 32 or 64, MacOS, Linux) and I’ll PM you a link.

I am specifically looking for:

  • Users with Ruida, Trocen, or TopWisdom controllers, to test the new connection system

  • Users who like to run multiple copies of LightBurn, to test the new connection system (should be able to send from any copy now, not just the first one)

  • Ruida users with dual tubes

  • Users with GRBL-Mega controllers

  • Users with jobs containing lots of images like logos, to test the multi-image scanning

If you aren’t on this list it doesn’t mean you can’t help - there are lots of changes that will affect everyone.

The complete list of changes in this new release is below:

  • [Oz] Added support for SVG (symbol) tag
  • [Oz] Added Arabic, Greek, Danish, Catalan, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and updated all translations
  • [Oz] Fixed translation of Art Library
  • [Oz] Added START and STATUS commands to UDP command socket
  • [Oz] Added shortcuts for Print & Cut
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Fill+Line mode on Trocen controllers was missing a command
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Save As in Material Library didn’t always work
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Connection issue with Arduino-based GRBL boards
  • [Oz] PLT import now creates a tiny circle when the file contains zero-length lines (these are point shapes)
  • [Oz] Added ‘n’ (Number of passes) to Variable Text for Cut Setting
  • [Oz] Added support for Z moves in stored positions manager
  • [Oz] Made inner/outer sorting ~40% faster
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Locale / Language change on startup could crash ‘SetupOriginMenu’ function
  • [AH] Allow forcing constant power mode in the regular Grbl profile
  • [Oz] Can now select a specific device if more than one Trocen laser is connected via USB
  • [Oz] GRBL - keep checking for pause even after all commands have been send, until all are finished processing
  • [Oz] Added an Air column to the cuts/layers list
  • [Oz] Bugfix: bounds clamping on new jog was incorrect for Y axis
  • [Oz] Added bitmap support to SVG exporter
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Exported SVGs will now fill anything exported with Offset Fill
  • [Oz] Stop / Start / Pause buttons will not trigger if the display is off
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Variable Text now handled correctly when using ‘Start here’ in preview
  • [AH] Enable saving in lbrn2 format
  • [AH] Prim/Vert caching
  • [AH] Remember last used export extension and make default for next time
  • [AH] Improve font dropdown performance with large number of installed system fonts
  • [Oz] DSP controllers now use temporary connections to the laser (connections no longer held open)
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Proper handling of NURBS curve weights in DXF splines
  • [AH] Add image caching for smaller save files
  • [AH] Bugfix: fix cache error when copy/pasting or importing LightBurn objects
  • [AH] Bugfix: restore numeric spin arrows for some locales
  • [Oz] DXF exporter now exports circles as CIRCLE objects instead of converting to lines
  • [Oz] Images can now be scanned together (only with horizontal scanning angles)
  • [JS] Copy Along Path now updates count or distance when the other property is changed
  • [Oz] Bugfix: Offset tool could produce strange output if a shape was partially inside an open curve
  • [Oz] Added “non scaling” mode for Print & Cut - just does position and orientation
  • [Oz] Offset dialog now allows zooming / panning while in use
  • [Oz] Added “Adjust Image” (right click or Tools option)
  • [Oz] Improved speed of dithering functions by 10% to 20% (better interactivity in Adjust Image window)
  • [Oz] “SHX path missing” error now deferred until after splash screen closes (caused issues on MacOS)
  • [Oz] Bugfix: bent text in an Art Library would bend inverted if imported into a workspace with a different device origin
  • [Oz] Bugfix: stored coordinates editor was showing Y value for the Z as well (stored properly, just shown wrong)
  • [Oz] Bugfix: fixed a crash when looking for snap intersections on very dense files when zoomed way back
  • [Oz] Added ‘Default’ buttons for Ruida power & speed settings, to use the values stored in the panel
  • [Oz] Added ‘Enable Laser 2 controls’ setting for DSPs, so you can enable / disable dual tube controls in the UI
  • [Oz] SVG import now supports images with clip paths
  • [Oz] Added MacOS-Sur version for Big Sur users
  • [Oz] Bugfix: fixed a crash when parsing an SVG path that does not start with a valid move command

The big ones:
I’ve made Trocen and Ruida controllers use temporary connections to the machine - When you do something that involves the laser, the system connects, performs the action, then disconnects, much like the stock vendor software, so no more issues with running multiple copies of LightBurn on a single computer and only having one of them work.

Multiple images can now be scanned in a single pass under the following conditions:

  • Not using pass-through
  • Horizontal scanning only (image can be at any angle, but scan angle must be 0 or 180)
  • Only works with dither / threshold, not grayscale

Please link for Win x64 version


Will be glad to help – Require Windows 10 64. Will design on one computer and use USB to transfer to second machine computer.

Hi @oz

I’ll join the testing, so I can check Spanish strings (translation) while I’m at it. :hugs: :+1:

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Would love to do some testing for you, looks like a great release, I saw the video online of the new features. I have a Rudia controller and am running windows 10 64 bit.

Could I be considered please. Am running Windows 10 64 bit on a 3018 and Laser Master 2.
Many thanks

I’d gladly test, hopefully this would fix the issue with my LX4 board working past 9.16.

Win 10 64bit, awc708c, diy.

Würde gerne beim Testen helfen. Da ich noch Neuling bin, bin ich nicht sicher ob ich wirklich helfen kann. Ich benutze Win10 64bit und habe einen GRBL Kontroller.

Would love to help with testing. Since I’m still a newbie, I’m not sure I can really help. I use Win10 64bit and have a GRBL controller.

I would love to try it out.
Windows 10 64 bit.
Hell, I’ll buy it anyway.
You’ve got a fantastic product.

Sure, I’ll give it a go on my Ruida. Win10 64

Hi, I can try it, in Debian and a k40 láser whit mini gerbil board,

I’d be happy to test. Windows 64 bit. I’ve got an Aeon Mira 7 with Ruida and I do run multiple instances.


Well, I will be the Mac OSX Catalina test guy, seeing everyone has Windows. Am running a late 2012 27” iMac and a Ruida 644xg?..
Thanks, and I am a registered user.

I’ve just given the :+1: to posts so I know which ones I’ve sent the link to. Please let me know if this version gives you any trouble.

I would be happy to try please. Windows version. I have an 80w Ruida machine and mini-grbl 40w so can try a multi connection

I would love to help.
Windows 64

so far ok, with awc708c better reconnection after laser reset or Home. now I don’t need to reconnect manually. (USB)

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I will do some testing for you. I am using a trocen AWC 708C with a 90 watt tube.