1.1.00 Material Test Generator - units?

Hi, I’d like to use the Material Test Generator in the new 1.1.00 release but I don’t know what the unit of measurement is in the Speed section. I use mm/min but in the Speed “Max” window,it cannot enter a value greater than 1000… what does the ‘1000’ refer to, or rather what is the unit of measurement for the Max Speed, within the ‘Material Test Generator’ window?
Thanks very much for all the improvements and enhancements in this new release!

The units used for the new ‘Material Test Generator’ are mm/sec as this tool was developed for the upcoming LightBurn for Galvo work we are doing and all that is done in mm’s. We are adding support for the remaining units we support, should be in an update in the next day or so. :slight_smile:

I’m using mm/min so its easy to convert to mm/sec.
Thanks for clarifying - and for the speedy responses!

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