1/4 inch birch plywood

Is 1/4 in birch plywood ok for cutting ? And could someone help me with approx. Settings I should start with? Thank you in advance.

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what type of laser do you have?

on my 65 watt machine I use 14 mm/sec at 65% power to get a nice golden edge when cutting 1/4 inch birch indoor plywood.

I have a cancam 60 w co2 blaze 2

How may passes?

Always use one pass

Thank You…should my min power be set at 10 which it is for default? Or different

No, you should have your max and min power set to the same value

Thank you very much.

The type of plywood you are cutting will make a big difference. The types of glue used in marine (outdoor) plywoods is really difficult to cut through. The thickness of 1/4 inch ply also varies by more than it should anywhere from .21 to .27 inches depending on the manufacturer.

If you have a Home Depot near you, the Baltic Birch PureBond 1/4 inch is the best I have found, it is very consistent and always cuts well.

Ok…great to know. Thank you for you help. I do have a home depot. Are you in canada? They dont have it here …not in London anyhow.

I am in the US. HD may be able to ship it to your store for pickup.

Thanks…I’ll definitely give that a shot.

It is less that $30 for a 4x8 foot sheet here in the US. My HD will cut it into smaller pieces for free. If you buy the pre-cut “Project Sheets” they will charge you twice as much.

I’ve tried the stuff from windsor plywood, and it has a filler that I cannot cut through with an 80w laser.
I have not tried the stuff from Home depot (canada)

Im using 6mm Baltic birch. ive attached a photo. ive played with the settings. I just cannot get it to cut through the wood. speed 11, power 80, 2 passes. I managed to get my hands on some.

Check your focus and your air assist I run about 30 psi air when cutting

air assist is on. ive done my focus test. I do a focus test every time I try a different material. Seems like the only way I have been able to cut through is with 3 passes.

The only thing I can think of is that the plywood you are using has the outdoor type glue.

That can make it impossible to laser cut.