20w ortur laser stopped burning with 15 minutes of initial use


Any help is appreciated. I set up my ortur 20w LM 2 today. Installed the grounding kit before even firing it up. Installed lightburn, installed my laser. Did a test burn for power and speed and about 10 minutes into it, it stopped burning. The laser moves as it should, the laser is on. If functional and follows directions, just doesn’t engrave. I tried closing it out, coming back in with a different svg and still the same results. I have checked connections. Not sure what else to do here.

Sorry to hear that. I bought a NEJE 30w in March 21 and 45 days later and less than hours of use, my laser module quit. They wanted videos upon videos and then nothing. They quit responding and then ignored my problem.
How did this turn out for you with your Ortur?

I bought two ortur in May 2021. The factory installed the lower bushings backwards on my so called 15 watt. That caused the thing to bind up and BROKE the X drive stepper motor backboard. I took pictures, (maybe 20 or so), epoxied the broken backboard together and was on the road again after I reassembled the thing correctly. I contacted Ortur and 5 pages of detailed report complete with 9 pictures they said that I was right and they would send me new backboards. They shipped my backboard expedited mail free of cost. A couple of days later my cooling fan bearings went out. I contacted Ortur again, they said no problem we will ship them right out. The next day I got an e-mail from some girl that said, if I wanted expedited shipping it would cost me 27 US bucks otherwise it would take 4 to 6 weeks. I wrote back, 4 to 6 weeks for factory broken parts? A few hours later I got on here and told the world about how sloppy Ortur QC is and that I would never buy another Ortur again. And guess what, about 10 hours after posting sloppy QC, I got a e-mail from that same girl and she said that my replacement parts have been shipped by expedited mail free of charge and she gave me a tracking number. She even said that they were including a new power module to go on top of the fan. Funny what the power of a pen can get done!! " NOW" for the good part, last Sat. (7-10-21) My
x drive tracking belt on my 7 watt jumped off the x-drive gear. After looking closely at it saw that good ole Ortur left out the two bottom screws that hold on the x-drive motor onto the backboard and they had so much tention on the belt, that pulled, (or bent) the backboard forward and downward causing the belt to jump off. I bought two little screws and back on the road again. You think I should make Ortur send me two little screws?
R. Cline

I;ll say this. You have had extremely good customer service from Ortur as far as I’m concerned.
I have had the complete opposite customer service from NEJE.
SO, if you believe that you really need the screws or not, I personally would let it go and be thankful that Ortur is responding to the big issues.
NEJE NEVER responded to my issues except to wanting video and then no response.
So let it go for the screws

I already knew that I was not going after the screws, but it sure made me laugh at the thought of it. man I’m sorry about your neje hebe thing. I don’t know at this moment if any small lasers are made here in the states or not. If there are I need to check them out.
What I learned about Otur is that when you contact them, you are in touch with someone at a main office of some sort and they say yes or no to your problem and if they say yes to your first problem, they just say yes to all your other problems no questions asked. Then they send your paper work to the factory and factory does the shipping. I will say that I think Ortur does use good equipment, they just have a really bad QC control that causes problems. Both times I contacted ortur, I dealt with the same guy. Ariel, I think was his name. Anyway, good luck with your project.
Randy Cline
P.S. - I drove twenty miles to town and bought a couple of screws for 10 cents each.