3 stage Print and Cut job w Plasma process

I completed a 3 stage Cut and Print job today, very happy with the results; Cut and Print LB feature is awesome! The job artifact cutout is 48.375" in dia, with various intra circle cutouts. My CNC plasma work area is 35x35". The material is 3/16" mild steel. I needed to reposition the material 2 times and use Cut and Print LB feature to register my subsequent cuts after the initial cut, so 3 total cuts/setup to finish the job. The last stage had about 0.5mm of registration error but that is well within the margin of error I can tolerate on this job. It was a chore for 2 of us to reposition 125lbs. of steel for each cut and allow for only about 5 mm of excess workarea boundary beyond the toolpath :slight_smile: In retrospect, I would make a job this size 4 or 5 stages next time, giving me more workarea boundary excess in each cut, since Print and Cut makes it easy to perform the registration of toolpath to job material.

The job artifact is a steel plate serving as the top of a stone fire pit 4ft in dia. The octagon in the center of the plate is the opening for the fire box. The complete design is here: Fusion

for the next 30 days or so, here are some short videos of plasma cutting the fire box parts…



Dang! That is a hard core project, and an excellent result! Lovely work!

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Thank you.
Here are pics of the finished project, smokeless fire pit grande. All components except the grills were plasma cut using LB edits to the Fusion360 design / exported DXF and LB toolpath converted for plasma. See my “plasma” tagged LB posts for how the toolpath is converted (post-processed) for plasma.

Enjoy. Lou