30 day Free trial, pops up in error


I bought LightBurn on 3/23/21 and the expiration date showing on the license web site shows 4/3/22. and it shows active.

So I’m not sure why the 30 day free trial popup is now showing, just started today. nothing has changed on my PC, the app has not been uninstalled or anything. I’ve been using it since buying it.

the PC did update to Win11 though.


A significant enough of a change to the OS installation can cause LightBurn to recognize the computer as something new. Simply enter the same license key and you should be back in business even without having to deactivate first.

I tried that, it didn’t work. It said my license is had been exceeded or something to that.

Are you certain that this particular computer was activated with the purchased license?

You can check for this in the license portal. Click the key in the screen that you have showing. Then click the Activations button on the right. This should list all the computers currently activated on that license. Check for your computer name there. If there is a computer you no longer need that’s activated there you can deactivate it using the 3-dots menu on the right after you click on the computer name.

Yes it’s the same computer, same computer name. I’ll try deactivating it on the website, and then putting in the code again.

Capturing that wording could be pretty helpful to some of the really astute folks here.

The folks that write this stuff would remove any words that they could to hammer it down and make it tighter. Skipping even one word can mess me up for days. I use a screen capture tool when I ask for help - It’s like sending a pic but way better.

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