4K Cameras arriving soon?

Is there any ETA on having the 4k cameras back in stock?

If you’re in a hurry, this might work. I picked up one of these and installed it a couple days ago. I don’t have any experience with the “official” cameras so I can’t offer comparison, but it seems to work fine.


It’s a bit pricey, but includes a metal (aluminum?) housing and mount already, so likely a wash.
Just a FYI I guess. There are probably other camera possibilities too. I’m not sure, but as long as it’s a regular USB camera, seems like it ought to work OK.

What I like about the camera you suggest is the “no distortion lens”. I tried 3 different cameras on my BossLaser 2440 and the ones with fisheye lenses had a hard time with the corners. It may have been due to my inept execution of the calibration procedure but I had no issues getting the no distortion lens camera dialed in.

Thanks for the feedback, I was concerned that one of those cameras from Amazon would not work properly. Glad to hear it worked for you, I may go down that road if the LightBurn cameras are not back in stock before my next laser arrives.

At least part of the shipment is pending in China - we have a tracking number already, but due to “gestures broadly at everything” we don’t have an estimated arrival date yet.

The “everything” includes:

  • The global pandemic means reduced workforce, and increased pressure on shipping infrastructures. Manufacturers are having a harder time getting parts on time.

  • Global shortage of microchips, caused by the above

  • Increased shipping delays caused by the above - Anything leaving Hong Kong by air, for example, has to wait in line, sometimes as long as two weeks, because of limited flight availability

  • The Suez canal debacle is almost certainly going to make all of this worse - some companies will be forced to switch to air shipping to get things on time.

So yeah, it’s been fun. The next round of 8MP cameras are not actually the same as the ones we’ve been selling - they’re as close as I could find, but they have different lenses and lens characteristics, so I’m going to need to redo the preset lens calibrations for them, and the camera mounts don’t quite fit, so I have to do some rework of the CAD model for those too.

This is all internal stuff we have to deal with, but I like to be as transparent with people as possible - we’re not doing this intentionally, or being particularly lazy or foolish, it’s just the new reality we’re living with for now.

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I definitely respect the transparency and candor, and completely understand all the delays outside your control. Thank you for the update and hopefully these new cameras arrive and work out well.



I was looking at this. Depending on the machine, of course, but wondering if this is the right size for mounting on a Thunder laser. Nova 24, specifically.

Well my table is about the same size (28" x 20") so the FOV seems to be about right. I think some camera with 90° would be about OK too, but I’m just guessing. I do get a fair bit of view outside the table on that camera, but the software crops that to suit so…
Looks like the lid on the Nova opens almost vertical while mine only opens to about 30° from vertical, so the camera position might be slightly different, but honestly I doubt that is any kind of problem at all. Otherwise, I don’t see why that camera wouldn’t work.
Again, I haven’t tried the LB camera and don’t know whether there is any advantage to either, but for whatever it’s worth…

We have a partial shipment of cameras here now, but I have to set a few up and run some tests - the 8MP cameras are not the same as we had before, but they’re the closest I could get, and I’m worried that the 5MPs have changed too. The supplier has informed me that the 5MPs we sell won’t be available now for some time (after this round, which we received), and we’re being sent samples of the closest things they have.

Good times. :slight_smile: More details when I have them.

Thanks for the info on the partial shipment. Will you be posting here when they have been tested and are ready to go? Trying to be as proactive yet efficient as possible as posting here will send out a notification so I know immediately as it can get tedious needing to constantly check every 2-3 hours as I have been doing. I am looking for the 4K-W 95 for my Thunder 35. Oh yea, will the new housing also be available at the same time? Thanks again.

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Thanks Ray, I already did that so I guess I am all set.

The mounts we have will likely require a tweak, which I’ll be doing soon and then it’s a matter of getting them printed. The STL’s will be posted for anyone to make their own as well.

I see where you posted that new cameras are back in stock however slightly different. Thunder recommended the 95 degree which you now state is the 85 in the new model and the lens is a fish-eye. I am concerned that the new camera will display a distorted image given that it is now a fisheye. Thoughts?

The preview will show the raw feed from the camera, but the workspace view will be fully corrected.

The camera system can correct for a huge amount of distortion - the right image is the corrected version of the left image:

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