Cameras are back in stock

Did you get extra cables for the 8mp? If so I would like one please

Yes, they’re on the site too. Here:

I got a 95° camera ordered for my Thunder Nova 35 is the extra cable needed or just a backup?

The camera comes with a cable, I ordered an extra “just in case”. I will most likely never need it but being a close friend to Mr Murphy and knowing how much his Laws impact me, I figured I just go ahead and get one :smile:

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I saw on the site it said the 8mp is better for larger size lasers. I have a dinky k40 200x300… would I get good clear results or is the 8mp too much overkill?

And according to the calculations of the 5mp, a 60° would be about sized, but seeing the suggestion you want to go bigger. So I was looking at 90°.

(I am looking to mount on the lid which is approximately 390mm above my bed.)

So is an 8mp overkill? If not would the 95° be suitable?

Or should I wait for the 5mp? And for best clarity would a 60 or 90 be best.
Thank you

The 8mp would be overkill, yes, but it would work fine. The 5mp-60 is the closest fit for where you plan to mount, assuming it’s directly overhead.


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Thanks for the info, my lid opens a little beyond 90° but I could make a bracket that locks it at 90.

Any idea when the 5mp 60° will be back in stock?
Thank you again.

Maybe this information will help you from another thread.

It’s a customs :customs: thing . Anything with government is a wild shoot guess.



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5MP cameras have arrived and are on the website.

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I’m really tempted, but I’m not sure this will be practical with my setup. Got any recommendations for when the machine is far away?

My laser is only 10-15 feet from the PC, but because of the way the shop is laid out the cabling distance is more like 80-100 feet. All of the cables, ducting, and air for the laser are run in a 20’ long bundle overhead to the vent duct and then out along the wall. For occasional use I could get away with running a long USB cable across the floor but it’s not ideal.

Really hoping for a supported Ethernet camera solution at some point. Or at least something like a Raspberry Pi bridge setup that could pipe the camera view out over the network.

Oh yes please.
That’s what keeps me from getting a camera is the thought of 80’ of USB cable, powered extenders, and all that nonsense.

You can use any IP based camera. You just need to use an application like ManyCam to emulate it as a Web Cam.


Another example is I use a program called EpocCam Pro on an old iPhone 7 Plus that converted it to a WiFi connected web cam for me to use in my home office. It too works with LightBurn and shows as an available camera. So the choices are available to go beyond USB.



I think the bigger challenge will be finding an IP based camera with 110 - 170 focal length. I have a few hikvision cams around here. I will show you it is very easy to use ManyCam to port them in to lightburn.

See here:



Nice, thanks for the information! Yeah, finding a small wide-angle IP camera seems like the next challenge.

I start getting a little angry just thinking about IP cameras. I have dealt with so many awful Chinese-made cameras with absolutely horrible documentation (as recently as the new security camera I put up two weeks ago) that I don’t think I’d have it in me to try this without a good starting point. Knowing that this application will do it makes me more inclined to try.

Take a look under the ‘Help’ menu for the ‘Camera Selection Helper’. Plug in your numbers and see what options you have available.

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Ah, well those numbers are not going to help as they are for a different size bed. I will update the image to relevant data if you give me your bed measurements.

You can also find this from the ‘Help’ menu in our trial version. :wink: If needed, we can extend the trial if you send us the trial key in an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com.

I have a few posts that will help, but having the system in-hand, so you can measure from your chosen mounting location. This will provide you the best result when selecting.

And this is a calculator to help check your math:

8mp-110 cameras are back in stock.

Cameras are back in stock (with the exception of the 5MP-90, which we expect in a few days)


All cameras are back in stock.

All cameras are back in stock. (160’s and 110’s were out)

All camera varieties are back in stock. Note: the 8MP 95’s and 110’s are no longer available from our supplier, but we’ve found very close replacements - almost identical specs, but slightly different lenses (now fisheye). The 8MP-85 replaces the 95, and the 8MP-120 replaces the 110.

The camera mounts for these are very slightly different due to a taller lens base, but those changes have already been made, and any mount you purchase from us will fit these cameras. The STL’s on the site have been updated as well.