Cameras are back in stock

Our next round of cameras has finally arrived.


@oz do you think you have enough in stock and will have some available in a couple of weeks ? I’m waiting for our laser to arrive so I can make the proper measurements. The bed is 1500 x 1100mm I am not sure about the distance from the door to the bed so I have to wait and measure.

I suspect they’ll be gone in a couple of weeks, but we’ll see. I have to place another order now that these are here.

What’s your gut feeling on the size I will need 95 or 110?

Probably the 95 - the 110 has a surprisingly wide field of view. Even the 95 is quite wide. The 110 degree 8mp has a wider field of view than the 120 degree 5MP. It’s weird, but probably a combination of the wide angle view, and the sensor placement I’m assuming.

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Awesome, I will not take a chance I am going to order a 8MP 95.
Thank you @LightBurn

Here is the link for those looking where to place their order

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I wish I could understand why I need a camera because I feel like I’m missing something. But I just don’t know what it is. :sob:

Have you looked at this? :slight_smile:


Just the fact that I can throw a piece of wood on anywhere, and know the engrave/cut is right where I want it, is totally worth my boss buying the camera…

But for real, it saves so much time.

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So that you don’t get GlowForge envy :rofl:
The ability to use it as an input/import device for designs and to visually see your design layout on the piece rather then eyeballing it is awesome.

No but seriously what @Blake and @Rick said

I want to add a camera but the hinges on my machine lid are horrible. i need to replace those with a more solid ones so the camera apogee will always be the same without rocking too much. i already added a Gas Strut so the lid goes up without tilting backward for the camera to end up looking down above the laser bed. any recommendations for which hinges should i be using?

You can produce a 90 degree bracket with some magnets in it that just gives you a solid stop for the lid. I’ve seen that done before. Those pin hinges aren’t too bad aside from the lateral play - some shims or plastic standoffs cut to size will prevent that.

Brackets with magnets is a good idea but will only be so if hinges wont allow any play or it will be a magnet to magnet with alignment pins/sockets. since i already added a strut which is quite solid, i might try to replace the hinges with better ones. i already added shims but these cheap spring pins are anything but perfect. we’ll see.

These looks better, will check pins diameter and see if there are bearings that will fit those snugly.

@Rick, @Blake… Yeah… Wow. I just got some really good ideas. Buying one.Should I just shoot for the 8MP even though the work area is only 900 x 600?

I have a camera that’s not listed that’s 8mp, but still the size of the 5mp, and it’s a 4:3 aspect ratio. Might be a better fit for you, instead of the 8mp, and a little cheaper. PM me with the distance from the lid to the bed with the lid open.

You may want to look into friction hinges, an example would be the hinges on a laptop

Good idea but these will require more tinkering since they will have to be mounted on the back of the lid rather than on the sides and this is a technical challenge due to the design of the lid. i will search for friction hinges that can be mounted on the sides.

Or just get some magnets and shims like Oz suggested. How are you going to even land in the same space every time with a laptop-like hinge?

I’ve already installed a 60N gas strut. it is solid and always reach the same length when fully retracted. all i need is good hinges which do not have a play.