50w laser running at different power level then lightburn


I bought one of the blue 50w Chinese lasers a couple of days ago and when in light burn if I set the speed at 15mm/s @ 80% min/max as soon as I send it over to the machine it automatically sets itself @ 80% max and 20% minimum power.

Is there something I am doing wrong or is there something I need to change within the machine or program?

I think I’m not following you. There are a number of places to set and see min and max. Please be a little more specific as to where and what changes.

This is always good for a new user on this site…

You can post screenshots for us to look at.


My machine is the blue 50w chinese laser (40w actual power?)
It has a Ruida controller.
lightburn is running at 1.0.04
I’m using a windows surface laptop 2
And here are some screenshots of the problem i am having.

So when i have it in lightburn running at 80% power for a cut at 15mm/s it looks fine but as soon as it starts on the machine it runs @ 80% max and 20% min
Im just looking to find out what i need to do to cut 4.5mm Acrylic and 3mm Ply


Press ‘enter’ twice and see what that display shows. That’s where you can change the layers speed and power and is what the machine is using.


Okay so I did all of that and I can change the settings on the controller to 80% max and 80% min and run it that way. Is there a way I can do it so that I don’t have to do this each time I send something to the machine?

Do you happen to have the ‘Default’ set to ON (green) in the Cut Settings? You want that off (red) to allow the settings from LightBurn to be used. With that on, the settings on the controller will be used. :slight_smile:

Screenshot of the cut layer shows default to be off… Something else must be going on… Could it be the procedure…?


The upper part of the display shows Min / Max power and speed settings from the controller panel itself. They do not affect your cut UNLESS you are using the “default” toggle Rick mentioned.

The lower display, where it shows 15 / 80 is showing speed and max power only, for each layer in the design.

If you change your settings to 10mm/sec and 30% min power, 40% max, you’ll see that the upper half of the controller display doesn’t change, but the lower half does.

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