$57.83 laser 3000mw, 200x290mm, time for parts swapping

Seems like a whole heap of trouble to go to just to steal $57.83. :upside_down_face:

you got that right! I have e-mailed Ewbuei twice now with no response. I don’t know what to think now.
I do think that from now on “If” I order anything from china it will be through Aliexpress. They charge about 10 to 15% more for the same product At least they will ship by Fedex if you want to pay an extra $8.95 for US shipping with 3 to 10 days shipping time. (This works for me.)

I had a similar issue when I purchased one of these ‘good deals’

I knew I got screwed when I ran across this ad from the same site…

Got a 25 cent purse in the mailbox for my trouble.

I’m still thinking positive here… :crazy_face:


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Disappointing but sadly, this is the usual MO of such ‘businesses’.

A bunch of crooks. These scams are elaborate and all follow a similar pattern. That page showing you the tracking was easy enough to fake. I am really sorry that they robbed you. :frowning_face:

If it looks to good to be true… it is.

Jeff / Jack: big up date.

I was back at my P O this morning and Sharons big boss came in today. Don’t know who he talked to on the phone for 20 minutes, but he found this out. China Post gave me the wrong tracking number to start with and they don’t know how that wrong number got in there or the tracking info with it.

The boss said that china post “did” pick up an 18# package from Ewbuei addressed to me. Running the new tracking number this is what we found:

Item Presented to Customs

Jul 16 2022 09:00 am – Item Presented to Customs (LA) ---- YEE HAW !!!

Jul 16 2022 08:59 am – Arrival at Processing Center (LA)

Jul 15 2022 03:56 pm – Arrival at Destination (LA)

Jul 15 2022 02:25 pm – Arrival at Destination (LA)

Maybe I’ll get lucky after all. Now I really have my fingers crossed.
as soon as customs turns it over to USPS I’ll be able to track it.
twenty two days to make it to LA!

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Great, maybe it will show…

I ordered my China Blue machine from OMTech and got a delivery date.

It sat in a ship off Long Beach, California waiting to unload the cargo for an extra three extra weeks :frowning:


I hope so, Randy. Weird that it has only just arrived in country. Oh well… the main thing is to get it to your place. (after such a long journey, I hope it’s not DOA). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope it’s not a two bit purse like I got. I could have easily dealt with the doa option… :crazy_face:


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I received a pair of $0.50 safety glasses. :eyeglasses:

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I hope that it’s not a 18# purse or safety glasses. If it does turn out to be a rip off, I can try to sell it on ebay as a one of a kind. "note - this product sold to and shipped to china residents only, delivery date:
“Delivered” LOL.
I almost forgot, I went into us customs web site today and learned that if your package is general ground delivery, it could take up to nine days to get through customs. It makes sense when you think of all the packages that go through exray and then chemical sniffing machine for really bad things and then the good ole pooch gets to sniff for drugs. That can take awhile.


We still use the ‘two bits’ ascription in Blighty to suggests that something is cheap and nasty. I was surprised to find it has the monetary value of 1/4 of a US dollar. So not great value then?

DOA sounds almost attractive at this point… :dizzy_face::coffin::skull_and_crossbones::joy:

Worth 4 bits? You did 100% better than @jkwilborn. :grinning:

Ah, I thought that customs had cleared it. EU customs can be tiresome. I had the French customs refuse to let me on a plane with 100grams of a rather nice cheese. (I was told it was a liquid and therefore dangerous) I guess the customs guys had a nice lunch. :roll_eyes::rofl:

Affirmative… :frowning:


Well, I have been on the net again for 2 more hours and I figured this out, “I think” !

Jul 16 2022 09:00 am - * Item Presented to Customs = China Post transfers package to customs.

Jul 18 2022 07:17 am - * Arrival at Delivery Office = Customs transfers package to Delivery Office
who says this package goes to Fedex or USPS or who ever.

Jul 18 2022 08:11 am - * Scheduled for Delivery = This really means that, (in my case), my
package is now at the USPS facility but has not been assigned to final destination rout yet and this
may still take a couple of more days before it leaves LA, (aka shaky town )

When you are in the US Customs web site there a big bunch of categories to choose from and each one has a dozen links and each one of those links has a dozen more. You spend more time lost than finding what you are looking for. Like I said above - I THINK that is what is going on with shipping. And I really don’t know for sure at that.

I admire your persistence.

Good to know… so new toy in a couple of days. :grinning:

I’m guessing 6 - 10 days, maybe.
Thank you on the persistence.
By the time this is over I might know more about international shipping than the shippers do. LOL

edit here - Big mistake, I went back just now and checked with “17track.net”. I made a big mistake, China Post finally released final shipping info on their part.
My package never reached LA. *^%^^%$# **&^^ When I thought my package reached LA, it really landed in ---- Kagoshima Central Post Office ---- “JAPAN” yep, my package is sitting in JAPAN. *&&^^##$$ &^$$ First it went to Osaka and then on to Kagoshima Central Post Office somewhere in Japan. I have no idea where that thing is going next !!! All I can do now is keep tracking. For the fun of it, here is the new tracking number - " LP532472359CN "
Go to 17track.net, at the top of page you see where china post passed it off to japan post.
Any body want to guess what country it will hit next? LOL

:roll_eyes: They are certainly making you work for it.

Do USPS have a branch on the moon? :grin: How about running a sweepstake? $1 entry fee and whoever predicts the correct time (within 4 hours) and date gets the laser. The rest should cover your losses. :wink:

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Russia probably lol…

I saw a request from a Russian for assistance with a new laser he got in the mail.

Addressed to some guy name Randy… :crazy_face:



I just received a watch I ordered on Amazon that came from China. I had it in less than 2 weeks.