80 watt laser tube

What is the maximum and the ideal mA setting for a 80 watt laser tube

It may depend on the manufacturer of the tube. Reci, for example, is usually consistent on most of their laser tubes recommending about 28 or 29 mA for long life.

Thanks for the info, I have a generic 80 watt tube but I do have a S&A CW 5000 chiller witch should help. I guess I will only go to 27 mA.

Here is the info. I may have estimated a bit too high. I have a W6, and that was on my mind.


My 80W red&black has an EFR F2 tube, rated at 28mA maximum, 25mA max for long term operation.

Something else to consider:

My Reci W6 is rates at 150.5 watts. Reci conducted this test at 32mA. The suggested output max in mine is 28mA for long life.

150.5 / 32mA = 4.70

4.70 * 28mA = safe long life 131.68 watts

The math is not accurate as the power output profile of a glass CO2 laser tube is not linear. Only way to tell for sure is to use a laser power meter to measure the output.

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I run my 80W Reci at 24 mA. It is eight years old and had full power last time I tested it - which was maybe two years ago.

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Looks like I will be running a max of 24 or 25 mA seeing this new info ! Thanks guys.

Consider my example the high level / general explanation.

If you’re interested in diving in to everything there is to know about laser tube technology, follow this link.

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I looked at the article, DUH WHAT?

Thank you for the research knowledge link.

Socrates – “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

The maximum current completely depends on the manufacturer. I have a Yongli R3 80W Tube. The recommended power is only 21mA. I also think the power supply (Yongli YL-U1) has a higher voltage (35kV) than the Reci ones.

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