8MP (4K-W) Standard lens or Fish-Eye?

I already read To Fisheye or not to Fisheye

I have the 110 degree - is this a standard lens or a fisheye - which config must I use to calibrate?

What am I missing - is this not a binary option - why is the above post saying it could be either?

That’s not what it says - I wrote:

If lines that are straight in the world are curved in the camera, it’s a fisheye lens, otherwise it’s standard.

And I meant it as a general guideline for any camera. If when you’re looking at images from the camera, any straight lines in the real world are curved in the camera view, then it’s a fisheye lens, otherwise it isn’t. The 8mp-95 and 8mp-110 are not fisheye lenses.

Thank you @LightBurn - this helps me.

I know to run the calibration using Standard in the wizard now - much appreciated :+1:t4:

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