To Fisheye or not to Fisheye

I have the 8MP LightBurn Camera (4K-W) with 110 degree lens. I can’t for the life of me find info on whether, during calibration, I should be choosing “Standard” and laying the pattern flat or selecting “fisheye” and tilting the pattern. Could someone clear this up for me please? Thanks.

Good Question, I just got my camera yesterday and want to know this answer too. Hope we find out soon!

Your 110 is wide angle but not extreme. It’s sort of in the middle range. The main thing I’ve found tinkering around is calibration is important for is when you’re lining up your material. When done right, you should be able to toss material down, click to have the software image the work area and then you can drag your design On the computer screen over to where you want. If it’s calibrated right, when you test and have the laser run around the outer edge of your design, it should be pretty darned close to where you expect it to be.

With that said, it only takes 5 minutes to calibrate the pattern around all the points. I’d start with standard. Do the calibration. Then do a dry run setting up some material, drag a design on the screen to where you would do a cut or engraving, have the software run the head around the outline and watch closely. If it outlined around where you want it to, you’re golden. If not, try calibrating using fisheye. Whatever gets your image on the screen closest to what you see when you dry run test is the correct answer.

The 8mp camera should be setup as standard.

If lines that are straight in the world are curved in the camera, it’s a fisheye lens, otherwise it’s standard.

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