8MP Lightburn Camera no picture in lightburn

Hi everyone,

I read through a few camera posts without success. I also checked:

I bought the 8MP 110° camera. While using the win10 camera tool it’s working fine. Once I try to select it in lightburn in the lense calibration lightburn freezes for a minute or so and after recovering it shows no picture.

Fixed: Lenovo settings disabled the video input from the front camera. Still nothing from the lightburn camera…

I already double checked the win10 security/privacy settings and enabled everything. Somehow lightburn might or might not be affected by these settings:

On the windows 10 driver windows there is a “warning” :

Das Gerät USB\VID_15AA&PID_1555&MI_00\6&2725c4fc&2&0000 wurde aufgrund einer teilweisen oder mehrdeutigen Übereinstimmung nicht migriert.

ID der letzten Geräteinstanz: USB\VID_09DA&PID_9090&MI_00\6&1f3bb744&0&0000
Klassen-GUID: {745a17a0-74d3-11d0-b6fe-00a0c90f57da}
Speicherortpfad: PCIROOT(0)#PCI(1400)#USBROOT(0)#USB(2)#USBMI(0)
Migrationsrang: 0xF000FFFFFFFF0023
Vorhanden: false
Status: 0xC0000719

it translates to
The device USB\VID_15AA&PID_1555&MI_00\6&2725c4fc&2&0000 was because of a partially or ambiguous accordance(?) not migrated.

I know this isn’t windows support, and I’m pretty sure the problem is windows. But can anyone help me?
What else can I try?

Thank you guys!

Look at the driver date of the device. See if there is a more appropriate driver on Wins support site to replace it with. Or this site https://www.theimagingsource.com/support/downloads-for-windows/device-drivers/icwdmuvccamtis/

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