90° camera not focusing

I can’t get as clear an image as you got in the setup video, even after spending many hours re-calibrating the camera. Below is a screen shot of a 10x10mm cutout:

I followed the chart and for my Yellow&Black 500x700, and my camera is at 630-711mm above the bed (and in the center). So at 700/1.4=500mm minimum distance, the 90° lens looks best and I can see the whole bed in the camera window now that I have it. I picked the 90° lens because I thought it would have less distortion even though you picked the 140° lens for your 500x700 machine (1.8x700=388.8mm min.) The 140° lens looks to be way to wide in the chart and in you video, but seems to give a much better image than the 90° I got from you. Should I have gotten the 120 or 140° lens instead?

I have removed the lens cover, cleaned the lens, tried focusing the lens on the camera but have never gotten it to give even close to as clear an image as you show. I have tried moving the bed up and down because I can adjust it much finer than the lens and it never gets in focus either. The edges of the bed never get as good as the center area.

You said someplace here that your cameras is set to go to high resolution by default but I don’t think that is what is happening. Could that be the problem?

I have seen that you are trying to get a 8meg camera from your supplier. Any luck yet? That may help with image clarity. I work a lot with small items (5-10mm) and as it is now, I can’t see them well enough to be useful.

Also, I have noticed that when I touch the circuit board for the camera after it has been on for a long time that it is very hot. I just checked and after about 15min on, it is at 68c. I don’t know if that indicates there is a problem.

This is a screen shot of the calibration target

I’m sorry for the rambling. Just trying to put any info in here I can think that is related to this.

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And this is the same issue I have emailed about…

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I’m sending both of you 120 degree cameras as soon as stock arrives (it should’ve been here Monday, but customs, tariffs, and the holiday have conspired to delay it).


OZ… thanks so much!

OZ, Yes, Thank you!!!

Is the issue with the lens or the camera? I have the 90 degree lens and am having identical symptoms to TateR. If switching to the 120 degree lens fixes it, would it be possible to buy one?

Have you focused the camera? It’s manual focus, and has a small focus ring on the front. If you un-dock the camera window and stretch it out, you can use that view (or just any other camera software on your computer) to see the full image while focusing.

Do that first, as usually that’s the issue. In some cases, the camera is too far from a large bed, and the narrower field of view cameras don’t focus well at long distances. We’re looking into other options from our camera supplier.

Is there a trick to manually focusing? My Lightburn camera has a dab of what looks like hot glue at the joint with the threads and doesn’t seem to want to rotate. I’m hesitant to force it for fear of snapping off the barrel.

You can carefully remove that dab of glue to then you will be able to turn the focus ring gently. Have a look at this.

Mike, out of curiosity, approximately when did you get your LB cam - a week ago, 6 months ago…?

I have spent quite some time tinkering with the camera and focusing it. The camera is 25 inches(635mm) away from the bed. I’m assuming the issue is the distance. By chance do you have a time frame for when you will have lenses? or could you point me towards a 3rd party that has a lens that will fit? I sucks to have the camera unusable.

Hi Ray,

I’ll have to admit that I got it quite a while ago, I think when it was first offered. My email says it was delivered on 1/17/2019. Just getting around to setting it up now for use with a Win 10 notebook.

Hi Rick,

I tried removing or loosening the glue with a sharp-ponted Xacto blade but didn’t have much luck. Maybe It sounds like I just need to twist harder or do a better job with the knife tip.

I’ve been accused of having a monkey grip and am always concerned with going at something too hard. :slight_smile: It can be a little stubborn. Holding the base of the lens holder (not the board) is key, but with a gentle touch, the ring will turn and allow you to focus the lens.

I’ll try more force - just a little gunshy about snapping the barrel in two. No pain, no gain.

As long as you’re holding the plastic sensor housing when you twist the lens, it should be ok. We’ve since gotten the manufacturer to leave the glue dots off, which makes this less harrowing.

Mike, that’s why I asked when you got your camera. Best of luck with the adventure :slight_smile:

Oz & Ray - forewarned is forearmed so I’ll be careful to firmly grip the housing. I may need a different camera anyway with a smaller angle so may end up with a new one and so avoid the issue.

I was able to adjust the focus however I am wondering if it should be sharper? I cant get it any better. Would the 120 lens be better?

Try reducing the amount of light - That might help, as it looks a bit blown out. You can also try this: