A few Questions - Ortur laser

I got a Ortur Master 2 PRO S2 LF Laser engraver a few weeks back, and have been having a ball!

I have a few questions though:

  1. recently I’ve found that the Y-Axis tend to be less powerful when cutting - i.e The X goes through in 2 passes easy, but it takes an extra pass on the whole thing JUST for those lines - Is this normal?

  2. Might be related to the above - The same, but with curves.I cleaned the lens and I think that sorted it, but not cut any curves from scratch since.

  3. Again, Maybe related to the above - The machine only just started juddering when going diagonal in in the positive of each axis (Top right, looking from above.) To the point where it triggers the movement alarm, and I’ve had to clamp the machine to the baseboard (Side question, how do I resume the cut when that happens? The console doesn’t respond when it’s ‘in use’. So far I’ve had to stop the job and start again from the start)

Thanks in advance!

What material are you cutting?

3mm and 3.6mm ply.
My initial thought was that it was to do with the grain of the wood, and it’d be easier to cut along than it is across.

IS exactly what i would tell you, depends on Wood, also my cut is easier in a way and less in the other

Thats fair. At this point it’s just the awful juddering thats a concern.

This not so easier cut happens only with plywood, if you try to cut hard wood you will see that it will cut the same way in both axis.

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