A G-code word was repeated in the block, cont'd

Hi there!

So I’ve been using Lightburn with my K40 and GRBL-LPC to great success, mostly, but since I’ve ruined two more cutting boards, I figured I might ask for help.
As referenced here # A G-code word was repeated in the block there seems to be a bug in the .24 version, that causes random stops. Currently using the linux version.
Since I was afraid it might be a grounding issue or the like, I started the same engraving process again - and it stopped at the exact same point.
The first few lines are engraved nicely, then there’s a few lines skipped and a shift of a about two centimeters to the right, and then the cutter stops altogether with error “A G-code word was repeated in the block”.
It would be great to have a new release, or access to a beta of some sort, if there’s a major change holding up the release.

Thank you for reporting this. You can roll back to an Older Version to see if that helps you move forward while we work to resolve. As for access to beta versions, that call belongs to @LightBurn. :wink:

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