A newbie confused connecting SnapMaker 2 to my Mac

have read some good reviews about Lightburn. My problem is I am a true blue newbie. I have read the instructions written by someone in the Lightburn forums.

I have a Mac, running 11.0 software. I have no idea how to have Lightburn recognize my SM2. I know the article was well written for Windows, but not Mac ( Unless as a newbe I missed something entirely.)
So if someone would be kind and generous to do a step by step guide and maybe a screenshot or two would great for a visual learner.

Also the article talks about connecting the computer to the SM2 by usb. I have no clue on how to do that so that Lightburn recognizes the SM2.

Thanks for any help

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Make sure you have the CH340 Driver that you can download here: Snapmaker 2.0 – Downloads - Snapmaker
You won’t see the port pop up until you have the snap maker plugged in

For the USB what worked for me was using a type A to Mini B 2.0 with the type A in my computer and Mini B into the snap maker port.

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