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I know that there is the possibility to connect two laser machines at only one computer and both laser can be controlled by LB changing com port, but the question is this: assuming that both my controllers (A and B) can’t work off line (there is no SD slot) if i start a work on A can i, while A is engraving/cutting, connect B and start a work on there?

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No, not at this time, the communication channel within LightBurn can stream to one laser at a time. You can start a job, then start the prep for the next laser, but currently, LightBurn will only communicate with a single connection at a time. :slight_smile:


ok so if i want use them at the same time i have to do like i’m doing right now… two computers and two licences.
Thanks. :wink:

Two computers if you want to drive them at the same time, yes. The standard LightBurn license provides 2 seats, so you should be able to run both computers from a single license key.

yes i know that, but i use LB in three computers, the first one that is the jobs prep, and the two other that are the exec jobs ;).
The last license is used by a friend of mine, so the total of four computer is achieved :smiley:

If you use the Send button instead of Start you could do what you’re asking to do.

The Send button will send the design to be stored in the controller’s memory and then you select that file on the controller and press start on the controller keypad.

You could then Send or Start on the second laser.

Hope that makes sense.

Don’t work for me, my machine hasn’t offline controller

I managed to have one computer and two laser machines attached to, i launch a couple of instance of LB then i select the COM port and the machine name for each instance but… there is a way, with a .bat or line command to start LB directly with a specific machine?
@LightBurn_Staff can be done?

There are a few commands we have surfaced via SendUDP as described below. We do plan to extend and offer additional access, but that will take time.

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