A tip for setting up ethernet connection

I have a new Ruida RDC6445. I was having trouble getting the ethernet connection to see it. I went through all the steps that you guys have linked to after doing a search on it. The one that helped me the most was the write-up that talked about changing the lasers IP address to 100 more or less then my computer’s ip address. For some reason, if I just left the lasers ip address what it was from the factory and used that IP address, it would not connect to it when I pinged it. Now I don’t claim to know much about networks so I’m not sure if what I’m about to say is common knowledge or not

My computer’s ip address had they 3rd number set as 0. The laser was 1. It would not ping until I changed the 1 to a 0.

Now I have full control right from lightburn which is awesome. Next step is to figure out if the steps per millimeter is correct. Are used the guide from MW lasers.

My goal is by the end of this week be able to successfully use my rotary and do basic functions like I could with the top wisdom controller.

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Everything on your network has the first three sets of digits the same. The last set, 0 -254, are assigned to various pieces of equipment. 0 and 1 are usually reserved for the router and such. Most modern equipment is DHCP. That means it gets an address from the router automatically, and takes what it gets. Other equipment, like your laser controller, have a static address. That means it’s up to you to make sure it’s configured correctly and doesn’t conflict with other equipment.

The default address setup for most home systems is 192.168.1.xxx. Yours was apparently 192.168.0.xxx. For security, most people change the .1 to something unique for their network. Your laser was most likely defaulted to


Yup, I had no idea. Networking is not something I’ve dabbled in too much. This is great information!! Thank you!

This may be helpful to review as well:

I have to chuckle. We’re on IPv4 right now for most common networks, four groups of numbers. Some of the high security systems have already switched to IPv6. Add two more groups.

Yup. That was the post that got me going, but it didn’t point out directly that the first 3 sections of the ip address had to be the same as your network.


It doesn’t say the first 3 have to be the same, but that they will be, and then says the last number MUST be different. I can change it to be a little more direct.

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Hahaha totally missed that!!!

Thanks Oz, you’re the best!

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