A40640 80W doesnt cut

Recommended settings from manufacturer for cutting plywood 4mm - speed 360/100%, However I am not sure about focus - how high should be positioned laser above the cut material. I tried several heights but still can cut only to max. 2mm depth. Could you please share your settings for 80W laser? thanks. (btw. engraving works fine)

Have you tried 18mms at 40%, I wouldn’t run my 80w at 100% power as it lowers the life of your tube.


Also, set the focal point 2mm below the surface of the ply for a better even cut.

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18 mm/s? Isn’t that too slow?

that means when my laser’s focus is 22mm, plywood thickness is 4mm, then the laser should be 20mm above the surface of cut material, right?

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18mm/sec is 1100mm/min
quite fast for cutting


Be happy to if there was such a thing. The A40640 module is a 40W INPUT power module, optical power is 15W if you’re lucky. Plan all your speed and power settings based on 15W optical power. Forget 80W, it is a lie.


Yes that is correct.

10W really

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Yes, 15W optical power is what the parameters say. I have a 2kW fiber in my production therefore 15W is something I am not used for :smiley: . Anyway shearing of settings would really be useful. Material, thickness, speed, power and other options connected to this thickness.

by the way - I am not using the Air Assist yet. Could that be the problem? (It is strange that 15W laser is sold without Air assist as a standard feature anyway… )

I don’t think you should expect bells and whistles from a ‘lowest’ cost Chinese machine. This is specifically true for air assist. Think about what’s required to implement that.

If I remember correctly, it is two 40 watt LEDs through a beam combiner. The best LED lasers will get 20% out. I have found with my limited use of them, I can expect about a 10% output, without the loss of a beam combiner.


Seems to indicate differently. It is driving two 40 watt LED.


yeap. That’s correct. There are two 40W diodes. Well, that’s what I got and I have to live with… :slight_smile:

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We are all in that boat :slight_smile:

I’m not saying it’s bad, just clarification of the device. What is it attached to?


will take a picture tomorrow. I have no experience with this kind of laser but I see that there is a good potential. Beginnings with my fiber laser weren’t easy as well :slight_smile:

and in Neje site they tell that the optical power is 15W

The focus point of the laser is 22mm, and you want to cut 4mm. To calculate the height of laser take half of the material you are cutting 4mm (half is 2mm) and subtract that from 22mm = 20mm.

After setting focus to 20mm do a cut with 100% and 250 mm/min in speed, my guess is you would have to do 3 or 4 passes.

By the way I run a small business here, and it’s all based on the Neje and very successful, I do 3 to 4 big engravings and cut every day on it, and it just works.

Now go laser :wink:

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here you can see how to focus the A40640

You need to test using your laser to determine the best settings for a given material. Others have produced a starting point to assist in getting you going. Similar laser system, but will require adjustment to best match your system.