Activate Free Trial - Failed to connect to Server due to Network Error


I’m running Windows 11 through a private/personal firewall and get the “Failed to connect to Server due to Network Error” when trying to activate the Free Trial.

After reading the other posts with the same issue I have checked that Lightburn has access through the firewall, but when I went to add a specific rule for I couldn’t find the path for it. What am I missing?

Also, when I click on the documentation links, it fails to open <>



We’ve seen four or five examples of damaged “hosts” files. On a lark, if you’re willing, let’s look there first.

Please open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and confirm that it’s blank.

If some rules like exist for all three of the domains you’ve mentioned it will hold you up.

This is what I have

localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. localhost

::1 localhost api.cryptlexcom raw.githubusercontent
com lightburnsoftware.github*io

I’ve added the * as I’m limited to two links in a post

In this case, with the information I have, I can’t say for certain exactly why these settings are this way. :slight_smile:

I have seen this type of settings-tampering attempted by cracked copies of LightBurn in an effort to circumvent the license host. These settings reroute communication to your local device and cause the failed communication.

Please delete the offending hosts file, delete any previously installed versions of LightBurn you may have, and install a fresh copy of LightBurn downloaded from our Download/Trial page if you haven’t done so already.

Please let us know if this continues to be problematic as the cause of the behavior is not fully known.

Thanks for that, I deleted the host file and reinstalled and it now works. Early this year I’d downloaded a version of 13.1.? and had the same issue but didn’t have the time to investigate and tried again with this version. I’m now concerned where I got that version from, so now running scans for virus and malware.

Thankyou once again for your time.


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