Add delay for job start to allow vacuum to spool up

I’m installing a relay to start my vacuum when the laser starts but I want a delay for the program to start so the vacuum can spool up. I also need some advice on how to update my Ruida.


The question of a delay has come up before but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a good answer on this. Some people have experimented with trying to set “Start pause time” and trying to manipulate the power level but that’s not practical.

If possible, consider adding a placeholder object in your project with a cut layer set to effective 0 power and prioritize it so it runs first in order. Run it slow enough where you have enough time for the vacuum to spool up.

That is a brilliantly easy solution, thank you

Well, I want the laser machine to delay its start, not the vacuum. Thanks though

Please don’t multiple post. It takes the time for all of us to read both posts and it’s frustrating if not maddening.

The ‘other post’ of yours has many replies, but only 1 comment from you, after being advised of the Ruida delay that is available with some firmware. That is your only solution with the Ruida, which should have answered your question. If not, continue with the original thread.

You want something to ‘read your mind’ and turn on the equipment before you press the start button.

Most equipment is designed to ‘run’ when you press ‘start’. If you want the room light on or a ventilator started before the laser runs, that’s not really within the scope of the controllers ‘problems’.

I’m surprised there is any kind of option like this at all.


Don’t be so hard on the newbie. It may not be a LightBurn question directly, but it is a laser control question. You never know who on what forum will have the answer you’re looking for.

Wow, are you attacking me? If so, I don’t understand your point. Are you upset because I only responded one time?

The question seemed to be answered in the first post.

I was simply asking you not to double post.


We’ll rest assured I won’t double post again. Probably won’t post anything again

Don’t let it keep you up at night. :crazy_face:

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