Added limit switches to X and Y, will not home

I have a Sculpfun S9 which I added limit switches to the X and Y axis. The control board had the ports available to add the limits. i can not get the machine to auto home. what am i doing wrong. I have enabled homing under the machine settings tab, any help would be great, thanks.

Where did you attach the limit switches? Are the limit switches normally open or normally closed type? Do you get any movement at all when the laser is power cycled?

Please run these commands in Console and return all output results here:





Target buffer size found



















































The switches are normally open momentary. The switches are located so the home would be front left on the machine.

Go to ‘Edit → Machine settings’ and enable all the homing registers…

Screenshot from 2022-01-02 15-03-58


Every time i turn these settings on it resets them if i manually engage the limit switch

Any reset would probably do that. I assume you are pressing it out of sequence. Some controllers monitor these inputs (most grbl seem to) for ANY activity and halt the machine. So if I’m understanding you, it’s probably normal.

You might have to check with the manufacturer to see if resetting these values is the default operation of that machines controller. I know at least one manufacturer resets many of the control registers you need to change. Bad idea…

I’m sure there are firmware upgrades, but don’t know your machine so I really can’t advise you about much along those lines. You usually lose your warranty coverage.

If you don’t mind… There is another Sculpin user that is having issues… Maybe you can help, they are looking for another user of the same type of machine… At least ‘hook’ up, maybe you can help each other out…

I’ll drop this link over there also…

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How are you turning these settings on? Can you see that they are set? Do the settings survive a power cycle if you haven’t manually engaged the switches?

Try this:

  1. Enable config in Console:
  1. Read config in Console - are the new values reflected?:
  2. Power cycle
  3. Read config in Console. Have the settings survived?

I believe there are other Sculpun users who have added limit switches without issue so dont’t think it’s inherent to the firmware. @jkwilborn is correct that some vendors do prevent writing to EEPROM.

Just to leave a note. My S9 does allow to write the settings back and they are persistent on power cycle. Also my S9 does not reset any setting when triggering a hard reset using the limit switch. However I m struggling with the correct wiring of the limit switches, too.
What is your wiring of the switches?

Imma just leave my topic linked here for reference.

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