Adding auto focus - Automated Z axis possible?

Hey everyone! Maybe this isn’t the page to ask this so forgive me if it’s not.

Ok has anyone added a stepper motor to the Z axis to enable the auto focus feature on the Ruida systems (maybe others)?

On my machine there’s just a basic motor controlled by an UP & DOWN buttons. The table is chain driven. I would post pictures but I haven’t figured that out yet :sweat_smile:
Thanks for any help/advice!

Edit: add pictures


I moved this to the Ruida section of the Hardware postings. You also had a “grbl” tag that would limit search returns and comments from those that could help. I also changed that tag to “ruida”. FYI, adding an image or file to a post can be done in the post edit window. :slight_smile:


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Thanks Rick, I appreciate the help.

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There is a posting about this in the ruida section already. you would have to replace the motor by a stepper and add a 3rd stepper driver to your machine.

Hi @Enno can you possibly post a link to the post. I’ve looked before I posted and just looked again and can’t find anything about it. Thank you, Jason


Thanks @Blake! Pretty close to what I’m looking to do but mine already has a motor and chain driven, unlike @Enno system that was a manual lift powered by “armstrong” LOL. Unfortunately the topic was closed so to bring it back and ask some questions doesn’t seem possible. But thank you both @Enno (for mentioning it) and @Blake (for the link)! Jason

Still not much difference, biggest challenge is to find a toothwheel that fits your chain and a big stepper. then you need a motor mount, replace the motor connect motor to stepper driver and stepper driver to ruida.

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