Adding DSP to an expired Gcode license

So, I think I know the answer, but I searched hard and only found a single post that was somewhat similar. Hopefully someone in the future can more easily find this topic and answer the question themselves by reading through, or Lightburn can further clarify licensing on those pages.

I have a diode laser (I had 2 until recently). When I purchased Lightburn it was for a GCode license. My license expired after a year, but I haven’t seen anything terribly incentivizing in the Lightburn releases since to warrant renewing for any current upgrades, so I’ve let it lapse.

I love my diode laser, but I have grown tired of the slowness and material limitations, so I just purchased a new C02 laser. I got it all setup and ready to run, but when I went to add it to Lightburn it didn’t recognize it, and in Device Manager (Windows 10) I have an 'OTHER" item that I learned is for a Ruida USB driver, and that to have Lightburn recognize the new C02 laser I have to purchase the DSP license add-on. So…

Do I have to Renew my existing GCode license ($30) to be able to add the DSP license (+$60 = $90), or can I simply buy only the DSP upgrade license to add to my licensing? I do plan on using both lasers - my old Diode and my new C02. I’m assuming that, yes, I do have to renew my GCode license to add the DSP license, but just want clarification.

If I DON’T need to upgrade my GCode license to add DSP, I would assume that means I have simply added DSP to the license I already have, and won’t be able to upgrade to any newer versions of Lightburn, like it is now that my 12-month license expired? Again, just looking for full clarification.

The pages for the differing licenses as well as the generic canned response from Lightburn regarding licensing is sort of ambiguous, allowing for differing interpretations, so they may want to clarify it further on those pages and in their canned response to future licensing questions. Just a suggestion. I would love to save the $30 upgrade fee to put toward materials - every penny helps - but licensing tends to differ wildly from vendor-to-vendor and without precise information people tend to try and apply the more favorable logic to things that seem open to interpretation. It lends itself to the miserly nature of people and so many of us living paycheck-to-paycheck while trying to squeeze every last penny out of every purchase. And yes, I’m equally as guilty on both counts! :grinning:

Anyway… Thanks for clarification!

You needn’t renew. You can just add-on.

Yes. This is correct.

However, depending on the version you’re currently on I do think there have been some very nice additions in functionality that you may want to review for renewal.

Interesting. That was not the answer I expected. But good! Clarification. It helps.

But it begs another question and further clarification: So, if I don’t renew my license now but add DSP, then in a few months Lightburn releases a feature I simply must use, when I renew the license will it be $30 or $90? Does the recently purchased DSP license have a year before it expires? An anniversary whereafter additional renewals will include $60 for DSP?

My license expired about 6 months ago, but since my diodes have the ability to run everything from a touchscreen at the laser, I only used Lightburn to create the files and the GCode. But my new C02 requires software to run, so I may find that one of the added features since my lapsed renewal date is a necessity, but I won’t know until I start using Lightburn to control the new machine. And I certainly don’t want to pay $60 back-to-back because I didn’t renew before adding DSP.

Thanks for the quick response earlier and the clarification. By the time we’re done here hopefully all licensing questions will have been asked and completely clarified for future posterity. :smiley:

$30. Renewals are $30 irrespective of version.

No. It will be essentially “expired” at time of purchase, meaning you won’t be able to download a newer version than your original license.

A non-issue based on previous answers.

Do you mean to say that you need to have a live connection for this to work? Most DSP controllers will have the ability to load jobs from USB drive and can run jobs offline.

By the way, note that while I’m reasonably certain in the correctness my responses I may have something off. But in no scheme are you screwing yourself by doing it wrong. Except for perhaps if you buy a separate DSP license instead of adding on to your existing one.

I have been using Lightburn on my 100 watt co2 laser for a few years and let my license sadly expire well out of date. I do not require tons of additional features with new versions as everything is pretty much working out of the box. I recently upgraded and definitely see improvement in stability and am enjoying some new features. Most of the work is under the hood in recent versions, improving compatibility and working out bugs. LB software dev team are making constant improvements and do listen to customer demand. I support LB fully knowing they are working hard to ensure my stuff just works.

Ah. I see. So, when I buy a license I own that license forever. But my FIRST license purchase just happened to come with a free year of Lightburn upgrades and updates, and thereafter I’m only buying updates to Lightburn, not licenses. Okay! Good! This is quality clarification! Thank you!

But just to make sure we’re not missing anything… This licensing applies no matter which type of license, correct? Whether it’s Galvo or DSP or GCode, when you buy a license you own that license forever regardless of which version of Lightburn you are using at the time. And the only time you would pay for additional licenses is if you require additional seats, correct?

I’m assuming the 1 Lightburn install on 2 machines means as long as they aren’t being used concurrently (IE. At the same time), correct? Or can that 1 Lightburn purchase be used at the same time on both machines? Would it matter if I was the only person using them but I had, say, one laser in the front shop and one in the back shop and each had their own computer and I was using them simultaneously? (I WISH I had a shop large enough that it had front and back sections!) Or, what if I had the same setup but I had a partner (I don’t - this is a scenario for clarification only) and we BOTH were using Lightburn on the different machines at the same time? Do I require a Lightburn license per user? What if I have multiple lasers - do I require a license per laser? What if they were all the same type of laser, like all Galvo? What if I only used Lightburn to create files but used those files on 5 different DSP lasers?

Now I’m trying to flush out the symantics, the legal speak, so anyone interested in the legal definitions can disseminate the definitions of each scenario so they can be sure to stay in compliance with the licensing criteria. Thanks for helping me work through these. This is beneficial information.

Yes. Additional seats or additional license types (e.g. DSP, galvo)

Concurrency is a non-issue. You can use on 2 computers concurrently. And any one computer can control any number of laser devices concurrently.

This is not an issue. Also note that LightBurn will typically provide a 3rd seat for free upon request.

There are alternative licensing schemes for organizations but the standard licensing is not tracked per user.

No. Addressed this above as well but any number of laser devices can be driven from one computer.

None of these change the approach.

Thank you, PY! I think we’ve covered it all rather well. You are a font of knowledge!

As to my new C02, I purchased the OMTech Polar. I have found no direct USB drive connection, just USB-to-PC. it does have its own private network for working remotely, so I could work with it that way, but I really want to use the image overlay feature since it comes with an overhead camera. Using the Frame feature can be cumbersome at times when you want yourself a precise engraving.

Glad to help.

Note that you can connect through Ethernet which may be a more reliable connection method.

More information here:

Take a look through this setup overview by one of the staff from LightBurn. It covers camera setup and a lot of other specifics for the laser.

Thanks so much! You are indeed a font! A sensei! An oracle! Keep up the good work.

Any my apologies for referring to you as PY earlier. On my phone it doesn’t show berainlb as far as I could see, only PY. Curious, that. Nonetheless, your wisdom is greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work!

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