Adding rotary to Eleksmaker controller

Just an update to a closed post I made in July regarding adding a rotary to my home made laser with a Mana SE 3 axis controller. I did successfully use the Z axis of the controller by setting this in the LB rotary settings and works like a charm. And saves having to disconnect either X or Y motors which is a massive time and convenience feature. Have to say was very confused about the top parameter “number of mm per rotation” This seemed odd as the obvious answer is the same as the perimeter calculation. But it isn’t that! After lots of experimenting to get it to turn the correct amount I ended up with “16” and that works for all stock diameters. I sort of assumed this was something to do with the fact that I have 1/16 micro stepping on the controller???
An also not sure what speed is used for the “Z” axis when used for the rotary??
There is a speed for Z in the move panel of 800, but not sure if this is used while engraving? Anyway, works great at what ever it is.



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